Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Cast" of Bloodmaiden

So, I recently was asked who I would have play the various characters of Bloodmaiden if it was made into a movie. I always adored Elijah Wood and might choose him for Chalom--but I don't know if he'd look good painted blue, and despite his eternal youth, even he might be a little too old now. He might fare better as Brydon, with his ability to look deep, sorrowful, and portray a wide range of emotions.

I have lined up a few young ladies for Crislin though, of varying ages. The book doesn't specify how old she is, though in my mind, her and Chalom were always thirteen. The actress would have to contain a blend of child and young lady, on the verge of growing up but not quite yet, someone still sweet, innocent, naive, and well-capable of portraying these traits. Below are my actress choices, from fave to least:

1. Elle Fanning

2. Saoirse Ronan

3. Chloe Moretz

4. Emma Watson (WITH hair!!! and also if going for an older Crisilin)

5. Myself! Nevermind I have no acting skills to speak of; I AM still on the cover...