Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bloodmaiden Official Cover

Well, I've been working with my Old Line Publishing peeps, and Mr. Schenning just sent me the full cover for Bloodmaiden, so here it is!

P.S. Yes, that is ME on the cover, I do make a rather good damsel in distress, if I may make so bold...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology

In honor of my upcoming publication of Bloodmaiden:

"For, you see, I am the new Quelda of Tynan."
These words echo the mystery, horror, romance, and redemption found throughout the stories of Schulze's fantasy anthology.
A young woman and young boy must choose to embrace cruel tradition, run from it, or stand against it.
A Scintillate princess must defy her only sister and sacrifice all to save the one she loves.
A captain braves tempestuous seas to rescue Larimar, his gem of the sea.
A blind girl unravels the mystery of the one who grants her sight in dreams and whom can hear her heart's song.
A young Elemental survives many dangerous ventures to discover true freedom.
All of these and more weave together to create a truly powerful collection.

Available at Createspace, Smashwords, and Amazon on April 20, 2010!

And here are some reader reviews on some of the stories in the anthology:

"You have a very well-rounded imagination. I really enjoyed reading what I read of 'Bloodmaiden.' I would definitely read the novel. It holds your attention and really draws you in the story. I am very interested in finding out what happens. You left us wanting more."
~Ariane from Webook on Bloodmaiden

"Wow, I'm glad I took the time to read this. The story was very compelling from beginning to end. I could feel Crisilin's fear throughout the story. I kept wanting to know what was so horrible that the dragons did, and I'm glad your character chose to escape from her Quelda responsibility at the end. I would love to read the novel. By the way, congratulations on getting published! You are so lucky, I wish I could do the same with one of my novels. Don't take the experience for granted!"

~S.L. Bynum from Webook on Bloodmaiden

"This is such an awesome story, as I have spoken before inreference it lures me to the vision of Lord of the Rings meet Harry Potter. I love it. Christine has a very deep and vivid imagination and I see her as the next J.R.R Tolkien and J. K Rowling. Keep the stories comming Christine, you have a true gift.
Will catch you back on webook

~Gryody from Webook on Bloodmaiden

"It's a hard thing to write a coming-of-age story, even more so while in the fantasy genre. It has to be serious; well thought out enough to have meaning, but still having some element of the fantastical. I believe this story accomplishes both of these criteria. This, at least in my opinion, is a coming of age story, and one well written enough to have serious impact... This is fantasy in its highest form, of that there is no question."

~B.R. Sullivan from Webook on Elantra: the Lie of Adelar