Monday, May 24, 2010

First Official Book Review on Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology

So this morning, I received exhilarating news! My first book review has been published online, and it is truly amazing! Evie Alexis reviews Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology below:

Here was a read that stretched the imagination. Spell-binding and beautifully penned, Christine introduced me to an entire new world of magic and myth interwoven with logic and wisdom. Welcome to her anthology collection that is almost ethereal and definitely other-worldly.

I entered the mythical worlds of Sulaimon and Adelar, and even when reading snippets of events taking place in our modern times, such as in the short, “The Story-Traveler”, I still found myself in strange and exciting new worlds. The relationships between the protagonists are touching and thrilling, and the reader should be able to relate no matter the setting.

Christine Schulze has a way with words. She writes with strong passion and pays real attention to the smallest of details. Every sentence was like a new breath, and the rhythm of the tale like a winding river, steady, yet unpredictable.

I foresee a long and exciting journey ahead for this visionary writer.

Evie Alexis

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress Debut

It's finally here!!!

He leaned his head close to my ear and whispered, "Are you afraid?"

Chrystine had had more reason than any other time of her life, even when facing one of the rampages of her drunken father. But she wasn't afraid. And that was odd, because although Aaryn, the person asking her that question, was her best friend, he was also a vampire. In fact, she was surrounded by hundreds of vampires.

But they weren't your typical vampires. They were Stregoni Benefici, the good kind. Nor was Chrystine your typical fairy. She was the Golden Healer, and she alone could save the Stregoni Benefici from the Dark Enchantress. But can Chrystine figure out the Dark Enchantress' secret and defeat the evil vampires without destroying the good ones as well, without destroying Aaryn?

Find out as you read for yourself the story of the first vampire.

Golden Healer on Readers' Eden:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bloodmaiden is here! Please check it out, and pick up your copy at its debut sale price from Old Line Publishing!

Zale. Gauthier. Varden. These three dynasties…They all sound like something out of an ancient, oriental myth or fairy tale. The concept of humans and dragons helping and living in harmony with one another, without fear. To me, that’s exactly what they are. A distant dream only read of, whispered secretly, quietly yearned for. For, you see, I am the new Quelda of Tynan.
These words echo the mystery, horror, and romance found within Schulze's fantasy novel. Along with her new husband, Chalom, Crislin must choose to embrace cruel tradition, run from it, or stand against it. The young couple's only hope is to rally the help of the three peaceful dragon dynasties of Sulaimon—but tradition is not on their side, even outside the realm of Tynan. The dragons outside Tynan's borders have been rumored as too stubborn and proud to believe their Tynanian brothers would commit such horrors as inflicted upon the Quelda. Gaining their aid is not a likely hope. Yet, any hope at all is valued in Tynan...
If they are to stand a chance of bringing cruel tradition to a permanent end, Crislin and Chalom must brave the constant, consuming blizzards of the Ever-white. They must brave the three dynasties and the challenges awaiting there. Together, they must convince the dragon emperors to allow them access to the shrines which house the sacred Aria - protective strands of music which may be able to disperse the evil from Tynan and unite the four dynasties of Sulaimon as a whole once again. Their only aid stems from a sprite whose moods are as unstable as her magic, a young minstrel, and a mysterious fox. Despite the odds, such plans are daring, dangerous, unprecedented, but fully possible - if they can escape the Wall first.