Monday, May 24, 2010

First Official Book Review on Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology

So this morning, I received exhilarating news! My first book review has been published online, and it is truly amazing! Evie Alexis reviews Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology below:

Here was a read that stretched the imagination. Spell-binding and beautifully penned, Christine introduced me to an entire new world of magic and myth interwoven with logic and wisdom. Welcome to her anthology collection that is almost ethereal and definitely other-worldly.

I entered the mythical worlds of Sulaimon and Adelar, and even when reading snippets of events taking place in our modern times, such as in the short, “The Story-Traveler”, I still found myself in strange and exciting new worlds. The relationships between the protagonists are touching and thrilling, and the reader should be able to relate no matter the setting.

Christine Schulze has a way with words. She writes with strong passion and pays real attention to the smallest of details. Every sentence was like a new breath, and the rhythm of the tale like a winding river, steady, yet unpredictable.

I foresee a long and exciting journey ahead for this visionary writer.

Evie Alexis

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Rebecca J Vickery said...

Way to go, Christine and a huge thanks to Evie for the review. I loved this Bloodmaiden anthology when I first read it.
Congrats on the first published review.