Friday, September 12, 2008

My Book

This is where the link to my book will be when it comes out. :) Expected release date is currently 2010.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress: A Sneak Peek

He leaned his head close to my ear and whispered, "Are you afraid?"I could feel his deep, strong, piercing green eyes carefully watching me as I gazed around the vast expanse of the cavern, the orange glow of the bonfire scintillating off the beautiful faces of the hundreds gathered here. I knew perhaps I should be afraid, being surrounded by hundreds of them as I was, and yet, this place seemed no more dangerous to me than home. In fact, it seemed less dangerous. The temptation for them must have been greater than it had ever been for my drunken father, yet none of them had tried to harm me, and I somehow felt that none of them would. No, bizarre as it may have seemed, I was not afraid. . . .

There it is, the prologue to my upcoming e-book! Wanna learn more about my books or hear more of my music? Go to and check out my site!

P.S. Thanks to Glenda Diana for my amazing coverart!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Gail Files

Gail Fleming is by far one of my favorite characters in my books, as well as being one of my favorite teachers of all time! She was my choir instructor at Southwestern Illinois College, which was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life; my first class with her was Music Appreciation, which was awesome, and right now I'm in World Music, which is also a blast! Anyways, here's some of my random sketches of her, her friends, and family as presented in The Gailean Quartet, which shall, God-willing, be published and/or e-published in the next couple of years. To see pics of the real Gail and the SWIC choir, scroll down further to the pictures under "The Gailean Quartet." The other Gail, whose name is spelled "Gale" in my drawing, was our piano accompaniest in choir; both Gailes were brilliant at the piano! Darice was the head of music department at SWIC as well as being a wonderful piano and vocie teacher. I never had her as a teacher personally, but I still love her just like I love the rest of the music staff, so here she is! The character named "Rory" is one of Gail's daughters in the books, though she was named after the daughter of Ed Jacobs, the music theory instructor at the college. Lil Gail represents a child-like alternate dimension type form of Gail, so any Chibi Gails you see are Lil Gails; also, the grown-up Gails without glasses represent her in her younger years as seen in "The Last Musician." Well, there's your bit of Gailean Quartet history. That's all you'll get out of me; have to wait til the books come out and read them yourselves! Enjoy the pics!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Illustrations from "Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress" by Christine E. Schulze

Here's the illustrations for my book being e-published by the Writer's Exchange; enjoy!

Illustrations from "Chryselda Sofia" by Christine E. Schulze

These are some older illustrations of mine for some of my older stories about the great Chryselda Sofia; her name means "Grey Fighting Maid of Wisdom," and she was modeled after one of my best friends, Sarah.

Miscellanious Illustrations

This is a collection of illustrations of characters, some of which, like Shelby, Miriam, and Hannah, the one with the cool angel wings, are from various books of mine, and others of which have yet to find a home in one of my books. The two at the end, Joseph and Chrysilla, were some of the first anime drawings I ever did, and I like to refer to them as the "lumpy-headed" couple, which I suppose sounds a bit mean, but they are a bit lumpy. . . .