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The Hero Chronicles now available as ebooks on Smashwords! Read the first half of each for free, buy the whole of each ebook for just $1.99! Do enjoy!

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The Hero Chronicles joins Smashwords:

The Hero of 1000 Years is now available at Smashwords in ebook form, so if you prefer this to the print version, check it out:

The rest of the series is coming soon!

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Bloodmaiden Begins...

“I live in Tynan, the fourth dynasty, whose dragons do provide much protection, and there is much need of it, for our dynasty is set in the northern mountains, where wild animals and avalanches and other such dangers are ever constant. But the tribute they require in return is so horrible, no one speaks of it. I cannot even utter it here, now, on paper. In fact, I will soon have to lay down my pen because my fingers tremble, scrawling the words in nervous, illegible scribbles across the pages of the last days of my life. I will have to lay down the pen because the unspoken truth is all the more real and close and unbearably frightening for me. “For, you see, I am the new Quelda of Tynan.”


~Christine E. Schulze

1. Read it here:

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3. Videos coming soon at:

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New Golden Healer Stories

I've discovered Fictionpress thanks to Catherine, a good friend of mine, fellow writer, and excellent seamstress! You can publish stories and poems there, receive feedback, add forums and polls, all sorts of cool stuff! Consider publishing your own stories. In the meantime, check out mine:

Dream Catcher, Heart Listener

Michaela Hania is blind. But she can see brilliant things in the dreams woven by the mysterious figure she soon grows to love. Who is this creature, why does he not reveal himself, and how will she ever discover who he truly is?

Elantra: the Lie of Adelar

“The Elantra, the queen of our people, dwells high in the clouds alongside the Moragon, her king and husband. Daily the laughter of the Elantra fills the sky, causing a magical rain to drizzle, providing Adelar with all it needs for its success, happiness, and prosperity.”
Lies. Children’s fairy tales.
Crispin has always thought the daily rain providing Adelar with all it needs come from the Elantra's—their queen's—laughter. But upon visiting the Moragon's castle of thunder, he soon learns his whole life has been a lie…


Elexa lives within the presumably peaceful world of the Swicians. But when the horrors of daily life drive her to the edge, will she embrace the cool comfort of air? Or will she be sworn to a yet eerier fate?


Lil Gail of the Cheebs, a tiny, child-like, alternate-dimension race, shares a last adventure with her best friend.

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Golden Healer in the News

The O'Fallon Progress recently wrote an article on my newly published books. This was a fun experience! Though nervous, I enjoyed the interview. Check it out!

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The Hero Chronicles

The Hero Chronicles, Book 1

"Remember the phoenix feather..."

Chasmira was excited to attend the rest of her junior high school year at the Lynn Lectim Academy for Fairies and Elves.But then disturbing things start happening to Aaron, her best friend.
Can Aaron, the Hero of 1000 Years save Chasmira, the Princess of Destiny Future, Liv, the Princess of Destiny Past, and the school, all before it's too late? Can he unravel the mysteries of both past and future, traveling through time to collect the Destiny Stones and seal away the dark master forever?

The Hero Chronicles, Book II

Everyone is looking forward to the trip to the Magical Mansion. Even Josh is permitted to come after detonating turnips amongst his other, usual pranks. Aaron, however, can't be quite as excited as he would like. He's been witnessing disturbing dreams of Chasmira disappearing into a great darkness. In these eerie visions, he is helpless to rescue her. Then he begins hearing Rorrim's voice. is that possible? Didn't Aaron and his friends just banish Rorrim-permanently?Tobias, a mysterious, disfigured stranger holds some link to both Rorrim and the mysterious Amanda Danielle. With his help, Aaron and the other boys must overcome their innermost fears to rescue the girls and overthrow Rorrim's dark schemes once again.

The Hero Chronicles, Book III

It's their first semester of college. Chasmira's elated that Sarah, her best friend, is attending. Sarah's less than thrilled to see Aaron again, while Aaron's less than thrilled to find Eric, an old schoolmate, back at Lynn Lectim. Meanwhile, tensions run high between Josh and Krystal as they lovingly prank each other with lotion that makes the user break out with giant, purple pimples. But they all soon have more than dating problems to worry about. While on a cruise to Prismatic, a sea serpent attacks, leaving them all stranded on an island in disarray. It's a race for their lives as they struggle to find the portal to enemy's fortress and decipher who's on their side and who isn't. Who is the mysterious dove trying to help? Where did the shape-shifter, Camille, come from? Can Aaron set aside his jealousy of Chasmira and Eric long enough to prove himself a good leader?

The Hero Chronicles, Book IV

Then the vision blurred. When it cleared again, she walked towards the throne. But this time the throne room of the Lozolian Palace flooded with people. Then, looking forward, she could see the white figure. She knew he waited for her though she could not see his face, and especially as he called one last, most tender time:"Chasmira."The vision vanished...What was the warm fire surging through her upon seeing the unknown figure, hearing the unknown voice, feeling his comforting though strange familiarity? Did that vision of the future give her the hope she hardly dared to let live?

The Hero Chronicles, Book V

When a familiar stranger, Bryan Thomas, graces the school, Chasmira can't draw her attention away from him nor place her finger on why exactly he so captivates. Not that she has time to be concerned with such things. She's too busy preparing for the final battle and learning about heartsongs. By mastering this art, she can know, just by listening, whose heart is pure and whose is evil. But before she can master such a skill, the truths of many hearts will be painfully revealed. Before the end, can Chasmira use the power of the heartsongs not only to find and overthrow the Princess of the Night, but to unravel the true longings of her own heart?

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The Hero Chronicles Unleashed!

The Hero Chronicles are now available at Amazon as both paperback books and ebooks!
Christine E. Schulze releases the greatest adventure since The Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, or The Lord of the Rings.

The Hero Chronicles

"Remember the phoenix feather..."

The Hero of 1000 Years
Heroes Reunited
The Dove
The Secret Sister and the Silver Knight
The Princess of Destiny and the Princess of the Night

To check them out and buy:


The Hero of 1000 Years

Chasmira rushed to the garden, slowing to a walk when she reached it. The garden was so enchantingly beautiful and serene with its many flowers, trees, and sparkling streams that Chasmira had quickly grown to admire it as one of her favorite places on campus. She savored her stroll through the luscious trees as a soft breeze enveloped her.
The garden was once, long ago, as Mrs. Labrier taught them, as the school's Menagerie. In fact, many animals still dwelt there, though few classes were held there now as in the days of old, and students could now come and go as they pleased.
Chasmira found Aaron standing in small clearing surrounded by a circle of trees, staring up into the branches of one particular tree.
"Aaron?" she called softly.
"Sh. Over here," he beckoned quietly.
Chasmira tip-toed over to stand beside him. He pointed upward. High in the branches was a nest full of pure golden phoenix chicks, their mother perching nearby, watching them.
"I love this place," he half thought aloud. "I feel…ever since I came to this garden, I've felt like…like it's going to be a special place for me someday..."
Remembering Chasmira's presence, he turned to her. "Sounds cheesy, I guess."
"No." She scanned the trees thoughtfully as a soft breeze swept across her face. "There's something about this place..."
Suddenly, something fluttered down from the nest to rest at Chasmira's feet. She picked it up—a phoenix feather. It glistened in the sunlight, and tracing her fingers along its edges, she marveled at its soft, delicate touch.Extending it to Aaron, she said quietly, "They say a phoenix feather is a symbol of everlasting friendship."
He took the feather in his hand and smiled.
"I—I still have those striped paper clips you gave me in sixth grade," she continued hesitatingly, glancing away as her cheeks flushed hotly.
Aaron smiled slyly. "You mean the ones you stole from me."
"I didn't steal them. I just never returned them." She glimpsed up hopefully yet with a small, guilty smile, and he laughed softly.She suddenly remembered her reason for coming. "Oh, your coach wants to see you on the Frisbee Field."
"Yeah, Josh came looking for you and Rachel."
"Rachel? She's on the opposite team. Why would he want both of us?"
"Josh said the coaches were quarreling about something—wait. You and Rachel? On opposite teams? You don't—"
"Try to kill each other?" Aaron smirked. "Nah, but she's a pretty aggressive player."
They stood silently admiring the serene clearing for a few moments, soaking up its calm, reverent aura, then Aaron said quietly, "Well, I better get going."
"Sure. See you tonight."
"Okay."Aaron walked off. Chasmira stood awing over the trees for a little while longer before following him out of the garden, casting a final glance at the small clearing. She felt it too—a mysterious specialness about the place.
Tiffany sidled silently down the corridors. Though most people were gathered at the game, and though no passersby would see her even if she met any, she always took the chance to practice stealth and silence. It was a part of her job, one never knew when your powers might fail you and natural sneakiness became needed...
Finally stopping before one of the identical doors of the shadowy, silent hallway, she knocked, waiting. Her eyes fell upon the misty light streaming through one of the windows. A grayness clung to the deserted place, a deadness that would've seemed eerie if it weren't so sad. Not even the distant, muffled cries of the hoverball game reached all the way up here.The softest footsteps thudded, and then the door opened slowly.
Dristann looked slightly taken aback. "Come in."
She stepped inside and he secured the door behind them. The room itself was filled with empty, mournful shadows created from the glow of the candles scattered about, illuminating the book spread open on the room's solitary bed. Sinking down on the edge and examining the book, she looked up and smiled.
"Reading Loz yet again, are we? Did I successfully get you hooked after all?"
He nodded, casting her a small smile as he joined her on the edge of the bed.
"The guys don't call you a 'girly wuss,' anymore?"
He scowled. "Doesn't bother me. If that's the best insult they come up with...besides, I like Chryselda's story. It's sad, but it ends happily..."
"So can your story," she breathed.He glanced away, sighing deeply. "Can't we endure one visit without mentioning that..?"
"Sorry, it's know I care, that's all. That's why I came to you before Aaron or Chasmira or any other character. Because you drew me in, because I felt compassion for you, wanted to help you, make your story better like theirs..."
"So mine does end badly? You admit it?" he growled, biting his lip.
"You know I can't tell you anything," she whispered, but her eyes glinted with torture. He needed no further reply. "Last month, a friend of mine...she was helping Frodo from Lord of the Rings...she fell in love with him so she warned him of Gollum's treachery, trying to spare him pain...the council whipped her out of there immediately, stripped her of all powers until further notice...perhaps she'll never travel again..."
"Well, at least we don't have top worry about that happening with me," he muttered. Tiffany glanced with a longing hurt in her eyes as his tall, proud shoulders slouched wearily. A great tiredness hung in those dark but beautiful, brooding eyes...
"How are you here anyways?" he asked. "You know how much trouble you could get in for being in the boys' corridor...especially with a boy," he added with a smirk, as if trying feebly to cheer himself up.
"You know I have powers." She tried to smile herself, "or at least you ought to by now. I can make it so that no one can see, hear, taste, smell, or touch me—no one but you..."She glanced up at him hopefully, and for a moment his eyes lingered on hers, searching powerfully.
She looked away. "Besides, I could ask why you're not at the game."
"You should know by now I'm a solitary creature—by necessity and choice. I attend the daily rituals of class, meals, childish recess, but beyond that—"
"More by necessity, I think." Ignoring the comment, he said, "Those hair clips are nice. The suit you."Glimpsing the elegant painting of the huge, black butterfly hanging over his dresser, she said quietly, "I got them more because they suit you…"
"Mm…so why aren't you at the game?"
"I was. But I knew you'd be here, needing company—I don't need a book scene to know everything. Besides, I don't care much for sports."
He sighed, the dark shadows again masking his fair face as he muttered, "You're too nice, Tiffany. Too nice to hang around that Aaron anyways..."
"Aaron is nice," she retorted defensively.
"Aaron is an arrogant pighead," he snarled, glaring at her.
"Well..." She couldn't argue. It was true, at times.
Dristann nodded, satisfied.
"But must you hate him? Must you hate him just because your aunt does?"
"I must hate him because my aunt hates Chasmira, because he associates himself with her, because he is meant to help her..."
"And you are meant to help your aunt."
"But you don't have—"
"Drop it. Please? Can't we just enjoy each other's company like we used to?"
His eyes pleaded her, torment shining beyond their mask of spiteful hardness. She couldn't push him further, not today. Besides, she desired the same thing he seemed to.Nodding, she laid back on the bed, and he did too. For a long time she watched the orangish light and grey shadows dancing upon the canopy of the bed. Something soothing existed in their flowing, fluid movements, something calming though the heavy sadness could not be lifted entirely from her heart. Only he could take away that burden...
After a while, she turned her head towards him. He slept, his face peaceful, the tortured eyes veiled, his mind lost in the sweet nothingness of dreams. With a slight smile, she sat up, kissed his cheek, and stole silently from the room.

Heroes Reunited

Aaron found himself in a hall whose walls were covered from floor to ceiling with mirrors. As a shadow flashed in one of the long stretches of silvery glass, he instantly looked away, remembering Toby's warning.
Trying to keep his gaze focused on the floor, he started slowly down the path which soon curved to the right. He wanted to walk faster, or even run—a strange desire to leave this room as soon as possible gripped him—but he couldn't. It was all he could do to concentrate on not looking at the mirrors as some eerily possessive pull urged him to glimpse just one, tiny peek. He wished Toby had given them some warning about how difficult it would be to resist their temptation, though he wondered how or if the knowing would've helped him. He tried to keep the constant, watching eyes of the mirrors from his mind, but the longer he tread down that silent path with only his echoing footsteps to distract his mind, he began to wonder: what was his deepest, inner-most fear?
Reaching a fork in the path, he veered left, hoping he was going the right way, all the while that single, troubling question repeating itself in his mind: what was his greatest fear? His deepest terror? His secret-most horror? His..?
His feet began to drag like lead, wanting to stop, and his eyes wanted to glance up and catch just a peep of whatever glimmered in those mirrors.
Suddenly, he stood at a dead end. Good, he thought, sighing great relief. I must be at the end of the maze. He tried to walk through the mirror as Toby said. But no matter how he pushed, ran into it, he couldn't get through.
Then he remembered the fork in the path. Perhaps he'd chosen the wrong way and this wasn't the arched doorway. But instead of turning about and going back to try the other pathway, he looked up just to check...
Instantly, his eyes fixed on the mirror before him, and he could not tear away. Shadows, dark shadows, swirled in the mirror, and then a dark tower took form. The scene zoomed in on the tower's window. Inside were the girls and Rorrim who wielded a black staff. He suddenly grabbed Chasmira and threw her against the opposite wall. Aaron could see her fear-stricken, pleading eyes as Rorrim lifted his staff, pointed it straight at her heart; he saw her scream and could almost hear it as jets of black energy surged from Rorrim's staff straight towards Chasmira. Aaron found himself drawing his sword and shouting, "No!" and then everything grew starkly and abruptly black. Then the mirror was just a mirror again.
Aaron was relieved it stopped; it all seemed so real—too real. But now he knew what his greatest fear was. Though he never want to lose any of his friends, most of all he was terrified of losing his closest friend, Chasmira. And Rorrim knew it. He sent the visions to trouble Aaron. He captured Chasmira to use her as bait to bring Aaron to him so he could find a way to take his stone and bring him to his downfall.One, determined thought raced through Aaron's mind—he must get out of here as quickly as possible. He had to get to Chasmira. Rorrim couldn't harm her so long as she had her ring, but what if she tried to get it to them and failed? That was just the sort of thing she'd try to do...
Shadows suddenly stirred in the mirror again. No, in each mirror. The scene was replaying all around him. He tried to look away, but it surrounded him, playing over and over again—there was no where else to turn—each time more quickly culminating to the part where Rorrim aimed his staff at Chasmira...
Aaron clutched his sword tightly. His heart cavorted frantically within him, he was breathing heavily, and beads of sweat began to form thickly on his brow. Chasmira's eyes pleaded to him from all sides, and yet he couldn't get to her, couldn't help her...

The Secret Sister and the Silver Knight

He lay dazed for a moment, but as his vision cleared, he saw her cruel fangs and white, empty eyes towering over, leering at him. Sensation returned to his momentarily numb body, and realizing the sword miraculously still clasped in his hand, he held it tight, rolling aside as she struck with lightning speed and incredible accuracy.
The next few moments were nothing but a blur as he slipped in and out of her coils, nicking her tough skin here and there with the blade, causing her to hiss defiantly, but she moved too swiftly and skillfully for him to get in any good hits. He needed some sort of strategy...At some point—he didn't know when for he was too busy weaving and dodging—she surrounded them, himself, herself, Chasmira, with a ring of flame that reduced the room he had to maneuver, shrunk the fighting rink, shrunk his chances...
A sharp pain surged through his arm, intensifying with each quarter of a second til he felt first ice, then fire, then a tearing, clawing sensation, then all three pains merging together into one, nearly maddening effect. He stumbled, wanting to clutch at that arm, claw the pain away, but the slightest touch made him shout in agony all the more.Gradually, his arm began to grow numb, the pain to lessen, though his body felt itself steadily draining. He still held the sword firm, nearly falling over as he struggled to stand straight, get his bearings…find Chasmira...

The Princess of Destiny and the Princess of the Night

"What is your name?"
The prisoner's eyes rolled up to stare into those of the Dark Lady. As he replied, his voice echoed with the same undecipherable emotion as her own:
"Bryan Thomas."
"Good. And whom do you serve and swear total allegiance to?"
"You, my Lady, the Dark Lady, the Princess of the Night."
"And who is our enemy?"
Here the prisoner hesitated. The Dark Lady repeated the question more slowly, warning flickering in the flames of her voice."Who is our enemy?"
"Chasmira Eriz, also called the Princess of Destiny Future," the prisoner replied.
"Good. And what is your purpose?"
"To bring her to you may destroy her."
The Dark Lady smirked with cold triumph.
"Good. You've learned well. Now go, and do not fail me."
The prisoner arose, bowed, and left the room, maintaining his emotionless expression, clutching the gem in his pocket which burned into his palm, searing his flesh. As soon as he slipped from her presence, he allowed the hot tears to spring into his eyes.

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Stregoni Symphony
Thanks for checking out and/or purchasing Stregoni Symphony. All of the songs of this album are rooted in the inspiration of my books which accompany them. Below is a description of how each song came into being. This album is released in honor of my upcoming first ebook entitled Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress. I hope you will ultimately accompany me on a vast reading adventure as my books become published; til then, hope this music blesses and inspires!
~Christine E. Schulze ©2009

Butterfly Fantasia: This song accompanies “The Song of Healing,” a story from The Legends of Surprisers series. Grace learns this song from the Malachite Butterflies.

Wolf’s Requiem: Also from “The Song of Healing,” Grace composes this song as a symbol of her promise to Wolfagone.

“Howl at the moon,
Pour out your sorrow before God…
Howl at the moon,
Pour out your sorrow before God…
Howl at the moon,
Pour out your sorrow before God…
Howl at the moon, howl at the moon, howl at the moon…
And when your sorrows have ceased
Do not forget to thank the one
Whom with your troubles you’d run
And He has cast them all away.
And when your sorrows have ceased
Do not forget to thank the one
Whom with your troubles you’d run
And He has cast them all away.
Howl at the moon,
Pour out your sorrow before God…
Howl at the moon, howl at the moon, howl at the moon…

Song of Healing: Originally titled “It was Like a Painting,” I thought the calm, ocean feel of this song perfectly reflected the story in which Grace hops around to different islands in search of the white seaweed, while also serving as a beautiful rendition of the actual “Song of Healing” itself.

“It was like a painting…
It was like a painting…
It was like a painting…
It was like a painting…
It was like I was the brush spreading the joy throughout the world,
It was like a painting,
A painting…”

Softshell Sonata: From “The Song of Healing,” the tune Grace composes for the Duddy sea turtles.

Abalino: This song marks Hannah’s triumphant entry in “The Secret Life of Hannah,” while also reflecting the triumph of Abalino’s glorious resurrection in The Vision.
Cleocatriss: The first song for the first scene of the first story in the first book of the Legends of Surprisers series.

Ride On: Lozolian Fanfare: This short piece represents all the drama, magic, and intense battles experienced in the realm of Loz in The Legend of Loz and Zephyr’s Islands. I actually created lyrics, which are as follows:
“Ride on
When the shadows overcome you
When the darkness overshadows you
When the evil overpowers you
Ride on:
Ride on, Ride on
Til you reach the light,
Ride on:
Ride on, ride on, ride on
Ride on.”

Blue Eyes: The song Chamblain woos Gail with in The Prism of Ashlei.


“Blue eyes,
I’m talkin’ ‘bout those blue eyes,
Their power to mesmerize
And hold me tight
To that gaze
Oh, what a sight,
I can’t believe it’s true…
I found someone like you…
And those blue eyes…

Song of Tears: The song the Elantra must play to restore peace to Adelar in Elantra: Song of Tears, Lady of the Dawn.

Lu-lu-ha-loo! Based on the warm-up song the real Mrs. Fleming used in my beloved SWIC choir, the character Gail uses this song in her choir as well.

Crystal River: While I composed this song as a child and carried it around for a long time in my head, I decided it couldn’t fit more perfectly than with Bloodmaiden. The eerie chimes reflect the harsh winter of the Tynanian Mountains, and you can almost feel Crislin’s and Chalom’s struggle as they stand before the frozen lake, wondering if they dare cross. To read their story, follow this link:


Crystal river, tell me true,
Tell me what I ought to do,
Should I cross thy icy land
Frozen in time?
Crystal river, tell me true,
Tell me what I ought to do,
Should I stay or should I run?
I do not know…
Memories and dreams forgot
Still I must go on
But when I feel that I cannot
I sing this little song.
Crystal river, tell me true
Tell me what I ought to do,
Should I stay
Or should I run?
Tell me my future,
I already know my past.

The Pirates of Meleeon: Named in honor of the book that inspired it, this song sings of both the joys, the dangers, and the ultimate victories faced by the pirates of Meleeon.

Stregoni Symphony/Dream: This song is created in honor of the upcoming release of my first ebook, Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress. The middle section of the song is a melody entitled “Dream,” the lyrics of which are as follows:
The last section represents the steadily heightening emotions and danger as Chrystine, Aaryn, Sylvia, and Lund all face the Dark Enchantress as well as her Elite vampires.

“Dream” Lyrics:

How it would be
Just you and me
You and me together…
Moment to see
Happy and free
You and me forever.
Hold me close in your arms
And I’m safe, warm and protected
And we are connected
One, no longer two.
Your powerful gaze is true
And your spell is enacted
And I am infected
With only thoughts of you…
How it could be
Just you and me
You and me together…
Lifetime to see
Happy and free
You and me forever
Just dream…

Memory Charmer/Just Be: This song too contains a hidden song in its midst, one entitled “Just Be.” “Just Be” originally accompanied a book entitled Transience; however, the mournfully hoping mood of this song perfectly accompanies this book as well.

“Just Be” Lyrics:

“I just wanna be with you…
But I know that I can’t just do that.
I just want to lie in your arms
Safe from all harm
But I know that I can’t just do that…
Sometimes I wish that we could just fly away
Dancing and free…
Sometimes I wish that we could just be free
To be
What we want to be…
I just want to love you
And be loved by you
But I know that I can’t just do that…
But I know that I can’t just do that.

Wind Whisperer: Accompanies the third book in the Stregoni Sequence, Wind Whisperer, Truth Gazer, reflecting Aurora’s light, airy steps.

The Vision: Originally another of my child-inspired songs, it now accompanies The Vision, last in the Legends of Surprisers series. In the original composition, Princess Brighteyes pined for her Jonny to come save her, though in the modern tale, she wishes for Daniel to come while she is locked in the confines of Sheik Kakar’s palace. Below are the original lyrics:

The Happy Song: Honestly, this remains the one song in the score not belonging to a specific book, but it’s so happy that I had to include it! I credit this song to the Gailean Quartet as it is my favorite series.
The Phoenix Feather: Stemming from a song I composed on the piano, “The Phoenix Feather” accompanies the Hero Chronicles, in which the phoenix feather plays a poignant role, both symbolically and in the stories themselves.

Noom Enots: Finally, I include “Noom Enots,” the song that restores spring to the seven Surpriser kingdoms in “The Icecapade.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a magical journey with me through these songs and hopefully, in the future, through the books which accompany them. In the meantime, here’s some other cool stuff you can check out: A lot of character illustrations from my books. Several numbers from the SWIC choir, some of my book promos, and other random cool stuff. My new forums. Read Bloodmaiden for free here and comment all you like! My lovely e-publisher.

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Hullo, everyone. As some of you already know, I have three poems posted on They are in the running for publication. The authors who receive the most votes will have their poems published collectively in a book. Please vote and spread the word; voting ends August 31! Thanks, everyone!To read and vote, go here: It just requires a quick sign-up and the site is perfectly safe!Thanks!Christine E. Schulze

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The Golden Healer's Forum

Check it out, people! :)

The Mira Are Coming!

Hi, all! I've just signed my second contract for my second e-book entitled The Chronicles of the Mira. Check out this blurb for the book:

A forest of eternal autumn. Two sisters, one with a temper as fiery as summer's hottest day, another with a temperament calm and sweet as the first day of fall, and the magic song that would change their lives forever. A girl with a wild spirit and a wonderful gift of song. A special horse that can fly without wings. An intriguing romance between a mysterious healer with a notorious reputation for wooing young, unsuspecting girls and then breaking their hearts, and the young lady who would fight until she'd discovered the truth behind this apparent darkness of his heart. The Chronicles of the Mira tells of the adventures of three girls, Autumn, Amanda, and Lily, and how they helped to restore peace between their two peoples, the mysterious Mira and their closest cousins, the Scintillates, two noble peoples who never grow old, and, thanks to these three, whose loyalty and friendship to each other, once restored, will never grow old again.