Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Hero Chronicles

The Hero Chronicles, Book 1

"Remember the phoenix feather..."

Chasmira was excited to attend the rest of her junior high school year at the Lynn Lectim Academy for Fairies and Elves.But then disturbing things start happening to Aaron, her best friend.
Can Aaron, the Hero of 1000 Years save Chasmira, the Princess of Destiny Future, Liv, the Princess of Destiny Past, and the school, all before it's too late? Can he unravel the mysteries of both past and future, traveling through time to collect the Destiny Stones and seal away the dark master forever?

The Hero Chronicles, Book II

Everyone is looking forward to the trip to the Magical Mansion. Even Josh is permitted to come after detonating turnips amongst his other, usual pranks. Aaron, however, can't be quite as excited as he would like. He's been witnessing disturbing dreams of Chasmira disappearing into a great darkness. In these eerie visions, he is helpless to rescue her. Then he begins hearing Rorrim's voice. is that possible? Didn't Aaron and his friends just banish Rorrim-permanently?Tobias, a mysterious, disfigured stranger holds some link to both Rorrim and the mysterious Amanda Danielle. With his help, Aaron and the other boys must overcome their innermost fears to rescue the girls and overthrow Rorrim's dark schemes once again.

The Hero Chronicles, Book III

It's their first semester of college. Chasmira's elated that Sarah, her best friend, is attending. Sarah's less than thrilled to see Aaron again, while Aaron's less than thrilled to find Eric, an old schoolmate, back at Lynn Lectim. Meanwhile, tensions run high between Josh and Krystal as they lovingly prank each other with lotion that makes the user break out with giant, purple pimples. But they all soon have more than dating problems to worry about. While on a cruise to Prismatic, a sea serpent attacks, leaving them all stranded on an island in disarray. It's a race for their lives as they struggle to find the portal to enemy's fortress and decipher who's on their side and who isn't. Who is the mysterious dove trying to help? Where did the shape-shifter, Camille, come from? Can Aaron set aside his jealousy of Chasmira and Eric long enough to prove himself a good leader?

The Hero Chronicles, Book IV

Then the vision blurred. When it cleared again, she walked towards the throne. But this time the throne room of the Lozolian Palace flooded with people. Then, looking forward, she could see the white figure. She knew he waited for her though she could not see his face, and especially as he called one last, most tender time:"Chasmira."The vision vanished...What was the warm fire surging through her upon seeing the unknown figure, hearing the unknown voice, feeling his comforting though strange familiarity? Did that vision of the future give her the hope she hardly dared to let live?

The Hero Chronicles, Book V

When a familiar stranger, Bryan Thomas, graces the school, Chasmira can't draw her attention away from him nor place her finger on why exactly he so captivates. Not that she has time to be concerned with such things. She's too busy preparing for the final battle and learning about heartsongs. By mastering this art, she can know, just by listening, whose heart is pure and whose is evil. But before she can master such a skill, the truths of many hearts will be painfully revealed. Before the end, can Chasmira use the power of the heartsongs not only to find and overthrow the Princess of the Night, but to unravel the true longings of her own heart?


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