Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bloodmaiden Birthday

A friend of mine, Tiffany Snyder, turned sixteen on August sixteenth, just this past Saturday. I decided to give her a copy of Bloodmaiden as a gift. I will say that not only did she like it, but it was quite the rage amongst the young teenie-boppers who were passing it around, saying they wanted to read it, some staring at me and asking, "You wrote this?" Ah, fun times. Here is a picture of me, Tiffany, and of course, the Bloodmaiden. Note the lovely holographic picture behind us. We were all enamored by it because, as you walk past, it changes from winter to summer to autumn. Here, all three seasons are represented (thanks for pointing that out, Chrys!), adding a bit of fantasy and elegance to our photo!

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