Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silent Hero: a second go

Well, I re-read Silent Hero, and while I did find it to be not quite as awful as some made it out to be, it did need a read-through. As before, I didn't do as thorough a read-through as I would have for my original works, noting every comma, syllable, and vowel; however, I did need to make changes of things that didn't make sense. For example, the scene where Link and Midna meet Nayru and Midna mentions meeting Farore and Din earlier...yeah, only, that never happened...

Sigh. Just goes to show that if you're a serious author in other aspects, you can't just throw a fanfic out there like the rest of the world. Well, it at least makes sense now, even if people don't like it.

Re-reading was good for me too because it helped me figure out that there was more romance in it than I thought. While not a romance book, it does contain a romance story of sorts between Link and Midna. Probably another reason some readers were turned off; though, as ever with fan fiction, people will get very defensive, and what one loves, another will hate. Still, folks, it's just a story.

Well, there you have it. I am either brave or stupid, as only time will tell. For now, I bid readers enjoy "Silent Hero" as they may, and especially my other works as well.


Nastassia said...

I think you're brave , most people would probably bend from all the negative comments but you decided to stand behind your work.

Golden Healer said...

Thanks; like I said, it's just a fan work like any other, but even though it's a free read, it looks more officially "published" than the standard fan fic, so that's why people are very defensive against it. However, I'm glad I re-edited and re-released. Hopefully, readers can enjoy it, though of course, if it caused any problems for anyone, I could always remove it for good. Hopefully though, that won't happen it, and readers can enjoy it alongside my other works!