Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Chronicles of the Mira: Ebook Give-away!

It's out at last!!!

And, of course, I am hosting a give-away. The print isn't out yet, so this will be for the ebook version. Three winners will receive an ecopy of the anthology!

To enter, simply:

1. Comment here! Tell me which you like best: fairies or elves. You can talk about your favorite type, a kind you made up, whatever!

2. Be sure to leave your email address! If you win, I want you to get your ebook.

* The contest will go on until the end of September.
And let the entering commence!


Aspen Firefly said...

I like both of them depending on who is writing about them. I prefer elves when they are like Tolkien elves, all tall and majestic. And I like fairies the same way: tall and majestic. But with fairies, I see them as being darker than elves because all of the stories I've heard about them, they are always cold and cruel and selfish.

Aspen Firefly said...

Oh and I forgot to leave my email! midgetpirateninja @ gmail . com

Bonnie said...

I also like them both depending on how they are depicted. I think elves are the better of the two. To me fae can be mean and troublesome or good but always a reason for their goodness.

Paula said...

Faeries at the moment but that could change

Rene13 said...

Hi Christine,
I don't have an e-reader, but I would definetly review a printed copy when it comes out.


Rene Best

PAHopkins said...

Both fairies and elves are necessary. Both are lovable and hate-able equally. I must say though, fairies are much smarter then elves when it comes to controlling a situation. And of course there is the fact that fairies can fly. How hasn't ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for one reason or another?

Teri said...
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Teri said...

I love both elves and the fae.

they keep things interesting.

Golden Healer said...

Congrats to Teri, Paula, and Aspen Firefly, winners of the Mira giveaway! Enjoy your new ebook,ladies! Thanks to all for entering; I enjoyed reading the variety of interesting responses about fairies and elves.

Golden Healer said...

To Paula,

I am trying to get a hold of you because your email address is not working; it's bouncing back mail to me. Please contact me so I can send your book to you!

~ Christine