Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Last Star Receives 5-Star Review from Readers Favorite!

As some of you know, one of my next big steps--as soon as I am ready for it--will be seeking out an agent for my MG short novel, The Last Star. I decided to cross my fingers and send it off to Readers Favorite for a review. After all, the reviewers there liked Bloodmaiden well enough to give it five stars.

Lo and behold, another five-star review has just returned to me!

Here is what this reviewer has to say about my MG fantasy manuscript, The Last Star:

The Last Star

Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Lynn F. for Readers Favorite

The Last Star by Christine E. Schulze is a fantasy short story geared towards teenagers and young adults. When the Shadows thought they had destroyed all the stars and plunged the world into darkness, they discovered one dimly lit star, a star better known as a backward star located in the NovaLight. Now the Shadows had magnificent powers, but they are a sorry lot, dark with no light shining through them at all. Sending forth an army of their own, they are out to get the last star and stuff her out. Escaping the NovaLight, Olette, the golden fox, heads to anyplace where she can escape the Shadows. Landing, she meets up with twin sisters, Celesse and Lianna, and four of their friends. Between these six and Olette, they come up with a plan to destroy the Shadows. With the six bringing forth their Stars, and Olette as the Blue star, they set out to destroy the Shadows the only way they know how by producing the brightest light possible.

This was quite an interesting fantasy that brings the reader to one conclusion: it’s a story of good versus evil. It reminded me a lot of the Star War series where Luke's father turns to the dark side as Darth Vadar. Here we find Ayanna’s father, a once powerful star, turned to the dark side and become a Shadow. Reading this book from a Christian’s point of view, what came to my mind is that we all fight a battle between good and evil. If we let the evil, the darkness, distinguish our light, then we are without any power; we are no better than the Shadows. Dark hearts are cold because they are devoid of good things like love and peace, like light has. The book is cleanly written, and I found it to have a very great moral to the story. As with Ayanna’s father, a truly repentant heart can have its light shine brightly again.


Well, there's one small credit to look great when I'm sending out to agents! Thanks so much, Readers favorite, for a beautiful review!

~ Christine E. Schulze


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