Thursday, July 5, 2012

I am pleased to announce the release of my new album, "Stregoni Symphony," which features music from several of my fantasy and Christian fantasy books for middle graders and young adults.

I've released this album in the past; however, this version is updated with brand new art and contains a different line-up of songs, including a few new ones. Listeners may notice it is also missing quite a few of the older tracks; these will be included in my second album, "The Gailean Quartet," which is scheduled for CD release by the end of this year, along with the re-release of "The Prism of Ashlei" and "The Pool of Lorelei," the first two books in my YA fantasy series full of magic, mystery, misadventure, and music, "The Gailean Quaret."

Please feel free to check out the album, listen to bits of the songs, purchase a CD or download MP3s of your favorite songs at these locations:



Thanks again for listening and reading! God bless, and may you be inspired!

~ Christine E. Schulze

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